Sea Turtle Pendant Earring

Sea Turtle Pendant Earring

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Light weight, recycled aluminum jewelry, fashioned into contemporary designs, made in Greensboro, North Carolina. As each piece is handmade, sizes will vary. Mix and match as most designs are offered as a pendant, bracelet, earrings and ring.

Jay Shiavone has been creating contemporary handmade jewelry since 2001. He is known for his uniquely created aluminum pieces. Each piece is handcrafted and is made to fit by simply bending the bracelets and rings gently. Check out each uniquely designed piece of jewelry. You will see why we are excited to carry this awesome line of artistry!

Clean your jewelry pieces with a gentle soap and water. Scuff marks can be buffed with a fine steel wool.
Made in the USA
  • All our jewelry is made from an extremely Hypoallergenic aluminum.
  • All Ear wires are surgical stainless steel and come with rubber stoppers.

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